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  • Upper rooms are 12 X 13 and 20 X 12.
  • Garage door is 6078.
  • Left hand garage door opener is Sears 139.53210.
  • Samsung TV is a plasma model PNC42C450B1D
  • 2/10/2012 - John Lane said that everything was in the living trust and that nothing went through probate. When asked why it took from February through October, he said they were not in a hurry. Gompers charged them $1000 to do the house and possibly something else
  • The interceptor backflow preventer was installed in 2017.


  • 10 hall light, hall closet light. dr light, mw?
  • 12 upstairs hall closet, upstairs living room
  • 14 upstairs bedroom
  • 17 basement
  • 18 upstairs kitchen and bath
  • 22 kitchen window plug, refrigerator

Garage Door Lock

  • code is 5555


  • 2022 Dec 7
  • Randy installed antenna backwards and connected wrong. Do not remember how.
  • Got channels 7 and 9 originally.
  • I reinstalled antenna according to directions and now do not get channel 9.
  • This happens on both my TVs and Allison's too.
  • RCA amplifier does no good and seems to make things worse.
  • Need to try unhooking figure 8s and just run coax from the screen which I believe is UHF.
  • Wineguard preamp does not make a difference.


  • Hart trimmer uses 0.95 line


  • Dave from Edgewood Repair says stay away from LG, Samsung, and GE refirgerators.
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