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I bought an unlocked Android 4 from Amazon for $240. I got Tracfone (my provider) to send me a sim for it, and convert my 1600 minutes of talk into 800 minutes of talk and 800MB of data. A year of phone number service, through tracfone, costs $100. I was going on vacation on the US mainland so I bought another 2.5GB of date for $40. I like it. I can tether my laptop to it and use the 2.5GB I bought with a push of the button. I can read kindle and B&N books on it. I can play angry birds. I can check airline flights. I got google voice number (St. Croix Beach, MN, thoug I live in Hawaii) and can over the home wifi with it. This is good because I can't get good reception from a cell tower at my house. So my advice for potential smart phone buyers is: -Buy an unlocked GSM Android 4 from Amazon (made by LG) -Go to the Tracfone website & buy their sim kit for $6.95. -Go to the Tracfone website, create an account, and tell your account the SN of the sim card tracfone sent you. -Turn on your Android 4 and ignore everything it tells you to do. Use your tracfone account to transfer your old minutes to the new phone. -Use the account to buy a year's worth of service and buy a few GB of data. -At the Tracfone web page, switch your old PN to your new Tracfone sim. It's easy.

2019-04-09 Sprint plan is Unlimited MRC. $65 month with $5 credit for autopay. Galaxy S8 is $31.25.

Put custom notification sounds in Computer\Galaxy S10+\Phone\Android\media\\Notifications

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