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  • Many many problems upgrading to current version.
  • Current version wanted PHP 7.4
  • On Diskstation, deleted all PHP version < 7.4, and updated WebStaion to use PHP 7.4 and Apache to use 2.4
  • Download and installed latest DW version.
  • Created new start.txt page.
  • Changed Directory for saving data option to point to /volume/synshare/web/
  • Copied older data/pages/*.txt files to that directory, but no change.
  • Searched all drives for start.txt.
  • Changed DW config option Reveal full path of pages in the footer to show full path of currently displayed file and found it in /volume1/web/dokuwiki/data/pages
  • “find / -name start.txt” did not find it. had to use sudo.
  • Final change was option Use fully canonical URLs


  • Dokuwiki lives in /etc, /usr/share/lib, and /var/lib.
  • All of the above should be chown -R www-data.
  • dokuwiki.php is the global config
  • local.php is the local config override
  • must change apache2.conf
  • must install all of php5, so that there is a php5.conf file in apache
  • to fix write errors, ssh to (admin/lowell01), then cd to /volume1/synshare/web/, and do
    sudo chgrp -R http * and sudo chown -R http *
  • there is a backup plugin that writes to /volume1/synshare/web/dokuwiki/data/media/wiki/backup
  • there is an update plugin that works
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